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Abuses & terminates members at whim, lousy software w/out security
12 September 2017
Reviewer: Doctorquality from Las Vegas, NV

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SLS is an abysmally-run website & company. They rake in tons of cash, but invest zilch in the operation. All the staff and coders are incompetent volunteers. And they are incompetent, un-businesslike, unprofessional and outright abusive of paying customers.

The software is still HTML 1.0 from almost twenty years ago and contains loads of bugs they often don't bother to fix when customers point them out. A few examples: constantly says you have mail when you don't, rearrange-photo-order tool doesn't work, can't permanently delete messages. If you delete the account but don't first turn off auto-bill they keep billing you and you have no way of turning it off and guess what no refunds. Profile blocks can be easily circumvented. For YEARS there were issues where all private photo security could be bypassed by slightly altering the URLs. And that's just for starters. You can Google/reddit all that up if you wish.

People are drawn to SLS because it appears to have the largest membership. But from what we could tell, a ton of the profiles were just single males who had posted one female photograph so they could open a free account as a couple ten years ago – so they could browse all the couples accounts & photos that are typically blocked to single males. And a good percentage of the legit couples made clear in their profiles that they also had accounts at Kasidie or SwingDateClub anyway.

Google/reddit quickly gives up loads of other SLS customer complaints. Example: A guy complained on reddit about the poor service (in an identifiable way). Suddenly, though he had pictures of him and his wife of 25 years, his account was changed to single male. Nothing he did could get it fixed. Then they TOSsed him to completely oust him.

And the SLS 'flake factor' is high – idiotic messages, couples complaining in profiles about no-shows, etc. We had three no-shows that we figure were single males getting their jollies by stringing us along.

We were paid members for about three years. And though we played plenty with other good-looking couples and singles, we can't give SLS much credit for that. It was only once the source of our hook-up. And they no-showed the first time; then only hooked-up later at a lifestyle event. (Two of the other hook-ups turned out to have SLS profiles, but that's not how we met.) Frankly we did far better than SLS by just meeting random others at nightclubs, stripclubs and lifestyle clubs/events.

Staff is entirely volunteer and utterly incompetent. My staff&coding drama with SLS started when my status (in real-life) changed from couple to single. I found there was no way in their lousy software to make the change. (Hindsight: they want you to message them to make the change so they can decide if they agree.) So I put a big note at the top of the profile saying I was now single male and would update everything when I found a new partner, as I saw others do. (I still got lots of messages from other couples who didn't bother to read the profile statement, asking to do my gf. And I also got messages out of the blue from SLS flakes whining about why I hadn't changed my entire profile around, or delete all the pictures of my former gf, that I was lying scum, and other such nonsense.)

Apparently one of those idiot-flakes complained to customer service. So out of the blue I got a message my profile had been changed to single male. I guess they didn't read the first line in the profile either. That was OK, I suppose; I figured I could get it changed back after I partnered up with a new gf. But THEN came a bunch of messages saying my profile was 'offline' because of violation of TOS – that I had personal info (email, phone, whatever) in the profile. Outright lie. Then I dumped ALL the profile text. And I STILL got more messages saying my (blank!) 'updated' profile text was TOSed.

Lousy software and an idiotic complaint – again there's a ton of flakes on SLS - and I was permanently zapped by lousy SLS staff. No explanation. No discussion. No communication. And no pro-rata refund. I dumped all content and deleted the profile.

And while they think they are actually solving some sort of problem with all that abusive nonsense, there's not a single thing preventing someone - who is REALLY a con - from just bypassing all that drama and creating a new account with a different email address. smh

Anyway it was a blessing in disguise. I don't suffer fools-in-business very long. When the new gf comes along, I'll just recreate the profile at one of the better lifestyle websites.

Those would be Kasidie, SwingDateClub & Quiver.

Hopefully those websites will serve up a better hook-up rate than SLS.

In summary, I would not recommend Swing Lifestyle to a friend.

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