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Reviews of the Top 10 Sex Dating Websites of 2017

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The top 10 Sex Dating Websites (also known as Sex Hookup Sites) listed below are the cream of the crop of sex dating sites. With more members than most other sex dating sites, the top 10 adult dating sites below will give you the greatest chance of scoring a hot date in your home town. All the sites listed below let you join, browse and search for sex partners in your local area for free - so you have nothing to lose by signing up. As with most dating sites, you'll need to upgrade to paid monthly membership to make contact with another member and arrange a sexy hookup, but with monthly membership costing far less than a single night on the town, these sex dating sites are the new, most cost effective and fun way to find multiple sex dates in your local area right now!

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How to Choose the Right Sex Dating Website

The world of adult dating can be an intimidating place to get started in. There are so many sites all promising to get you a date with a hot guy or girl in the shortest time possible, while at the same time distracting you with pictures of said hot guys and girls that it becomes impossible to choose. Well we are here to help. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about you getting distracted by the scantily clad members – a cold shower might help – but we can try to take you through the things that we think are important in a good adult dating site. This guide should hopefully do just that and give you an idea of the types of things we were looking at while reviewing these sites.


It may seem like the more members a site has the more chance you will have of finding someone to hook up with, but this might not always be the case. If you are a guy you can be sure that any girl you send a message to will likely receive lots of messages from other guys in the same week, if not the same day. Therefore, if you opt for a site with fewer members she won’t have quite so many replies to look through and you might have more chance of being noticed. Likewise if you are a lady who really knows what she wants then it might be best to go for one of the smaller sites dedicated to a specific interest so that you get replies from guys interested in the same thing...and not just one thing.

Unfortunately for guys women definitely have the upper hand in the adult dating world as men usually outnumber woman by a ridiculously high factor. Especially if you don’t live in a big city with lots of members it can be difficult to find someone in your local area on the smaller sites so for small town guys and girls out there it can be best to go for one of the bigger sites. Most sites will let you search through the members for free so it’s definitely worth doing a couple of searches to see if there are people in your area that you might be interested in.

Getting in Touch

Assuming you can find someone you like the look of on the site of your choice the next obvious step would be to get in touch. Most sites don’t give away your personal details so all of your initial flirting will be done through whatever facilities the site provides. It’s important then that it provides a method of getting in touch that you will be happy using.

Most sites will provide an in-built email system as standard, and if you find one that doesn’t you should really be reconsidering your choice! This will just work like any other web based email system but usually won’t reveal your true email address so that other members can’t find out anything about your true identity. This shouldn’t be seen as encouragement to be pretend to be someone you’re not, but rather a safety precaution in case you get talking to any of those strange people your Mom warned you about when you were little!

Good sites will also provide a couple of extra ways of getting in touch over and above email. The most common options are instant messaging and webcam chat. Often these will be combined into one application that runs in your browser and provides all the functionality you need. Sites that ask you to download something to your computer should generally be avoided as there is no real need for it and it could be some sort of spyware. Webcam chats can significantly spice things up for online daters so we would recommend getting hold of a webcam if you don’t already have one!

There are a few sites that also provide a way of phoning other members through the site without revealing your true phone number. While this might seem like a good idea you should remember that it can probably get quite expensive if you call a lot and if you meet someone you like there is always Skype for free once you have swapped details.


Models are one thing that can really make an adult dating site not worth your while joining. If you are looking for a date with a real girl they will clearly never ask you for money or to pay to watch them on webcam the way these girls do! Some are put there by the sites themselves to try and attract more men to part with their cash, while others join the sites to try and sell their services. This is all fine if that’s the kind of thing you are looking for, but if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Ladies don’t need to worry about this quite so much because the sites that do these sorts of things know that men are quite willing to part ways with their cash at the site of a pretty lady, while woman are clearly much more savvy!



Community features can be a real bonus to an adult dating site, especially when they are actually used by an active community of members. Many sites have some great discussion forums that are frequented by all sorts of people and can be a great place to get chatting to other members that you might not normally notice. Also, if you see someone posting on the forums you know they are a real member and not just there to catch your attention.

Video sharing features are also common on many adult dating sites and can be another great way to attract some attention to your profile. We aren’t saying the most explicit videos are always the most popular, but it certainly helps to show off a bit of skin!


Many of the sites we looked at also provide extra features and functionality that you might not spot at first glance, but will come to find useful and fun in time. Most often these kinds of things aren’t going to be deal clinchers, but if you can’t decide between a few seemingly identical sites they can make a difference.

The types of features on offer range from pretty useful to a bit strange and cover everything in between. For example many swingers sites provide a calendar of upcoming events which can be very useful if you are looking to try it out, while some other sites offer a daily astrology match report, which isn’t quite so practical!

The Bottom Line...

Hopefully by now you should have some idea of what types of things to look for when choosing which adult dating site to go for. Our final words of advice would be to remember to cancel any free trials you take advantage of! Lots of sites offer this sort of thing and it can be very easy to forget and cost yourself a lot of money so set a reminder on your calendar to cancel unwanted subscriptions before the due date. Other than that, just try lots of different ones until you find something you like. There are plenty of options as you will see from our reviews, but a great place to start would be our top ten list of the best adult dating sites we have found.





Top 10 Sex Dating Websites Reviews
Top 10 Sex Hookup Sites Reviews
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